Flea Market 101

Nothing is certain in life besides death and the need for volunteers and participation in the Woodruff Place Flea Market every year.

This year, like every year, the Flea Market committee members are ready to knock the logistics and execution out of the esplanades. In the spirit of attracting much needed assistance and neighborhood buy-in, I have outlined the most important information for volunteers and neighbors to get involved and enjoy this year’s event to the fullest.

Sell your stuff!

Whether you have rapidly growing children and need to off-load the clothes that fit them mere weeks ago, or you spend time shopping on Amazon and have realized how perfect for the Flea Market your new stuff is – we need you to participate and contribute to the total funds raised! The standard is 10% of your sales but the committee would gladly take more.

Our goal is to have a full showing of our collective stuff on the majority of the lawns throughout the neighborhood. This is what keeps the 10,000 plus people coming back for more stuff every year – the impressive show and endless browsing opportunities.

If you have any concern that your newly landscaped lawn will be jeopardized you can set up on your curb, per Tessie Lloyd – Jones. “ If people want to protect their blades of grass they can still do so while contributing to the total sales and ultimate donations.” The neighborhood asks for 10% of all sales plus any outside vendor fees at $100/lawn. Please be sure to go through the committee directly if you are interested in lending your lawn to someone with more stuff than you.

Alternately, if you’re not willing to loan out your lawn but have friends and family members with an excess of belongings, invite them to collaborate. They get to off-load their extra furniture and Justin Bieber paraphernalia in exchange for dollars or the cryptocurrency of their choice – all while the total funds raised climbs higher.


We need volunteers! The committee members are hard at work and need extra support including the following:

Set Up

Set up trash bins and bags, tables, and assist the committee with a successful setup and teardown from start to finish. If you are busy preparing for your own sale during the official setup time on Friday evening you can arrange to participate in a pre-event cleanup along 10th street. Let’s make sure the parameter of our domain is representative of our standard for charm and tidiness. More info will be posted on the Woodruff Facebook page. 

Clean Up

Join the Trash Troopers! On Saturday and Sunday during the official Flea Market, the Trash Trooper Truck will collect trash in the cardboard containers that have been placed throughout the neighborhood. That being said, each yard is still responsible for trash – the Trash Troopers will focus on the public areas.

Getting the neighborhood back to the pre-Flea Market standard takes nothing short of elbow grease and a few miracles. The only way to erase the evidence of 10,000 people spending two days eating, drinking and rummaging through around our lawns is to act immediately and contained the trash.

The committee has arranged for St. Vincent De Paul to pick up unwanted items on Sunday beginning at 5:00 p.m. A big thanks to Darlene Sweeny (Middle Drive) for arranging this pick up that benefits Woodruff and the SVDP Mission 37 retail shop. Unwanted items should be placed on the curb in front of your house. Please do not leave empty cardboard boxes on the curb, as this pick up is strictly reserved for the inventory castoffs.


Regardless of the role you choose to play during this iconic weekend, there are some incredible things not to miss:

  1. You get to snoop through and buy your neighbor’s stuff to possibly sell at next year’s Flea Market
  2. Cross Drive will be blooming with local food trucks and vendors – when else is your front porch within walking distance of street food and a Kombucha stand?
  3. Everybody dance! I bet you didn’t know that at 3:00pm there is a mandated, neighborhood-wide dance party. I heard that West Drive usually does a great job enlisting participation and general hype. Middle and East Drives – consider yourselves challenged. Sounds like a great opportunity for us to prove to ourselves and our guests that we know how to (dance) party. If you want the details you can contact Tessie at [email protected]
  4. Follow the few rules that have been determined for the greater good and sustainability of the annual fundraiser.
  • The board of health prohibits the sale of homemade food items. We can also make sure the vendors get all the action for the weekend. Bottled and canned soft drinks and waters are ok – hydration is a must!
  • Entrust the committee to manage the third party vendors you have granted access to your lawn – no bootlegged lawns, please.
  • Please donate at least 10% of your sales to the cause!
  • Attention new residents: parking will be limited on East, Middle, and Cross drives as 10,000 meander in and out of the neighborhood for two days. If you live on Cross Drive you will have to get creative about getting to your house starting on Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

In summary, if you want to take part in one of the most fun and impactful fundraisers hosted by our community, sell your stuff and volunteer! See you at the Flea Market!